New content incoming!

Finally, right?

Hello beauty babies. Long time no see. Long time no read, too, huh? Good news on that: I’m posting more content! Better news on that: I’m still posting totally free stuff! News that isn’t bad necessarily but you still may not want to hear: the new stuff isn’t Bad Town For A Pretty Face. I know, I know, this is the longest delay ever! But you’ll all be happy to know I am in the process of planning out the next Bad Town. Not that I’m revealing said Town just yet, but it’s starting to come together.

Now, for the new content. What will it be if not a Bad Town story? Well, let me give you guys some context here. This new story coming in, called Hypotheticals, was originally a fanfiction I started at age fourteen, which, holy shit, was eleven years ago. In those eleven years (and keep in mind here I have written four novel length fanfictions, several other one-shots, and four Bad Towns) I have written five whole chapters. Yeah. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but all of these chapters are around 10k whereas Bad Towns are in the 3400 area. So you will get a big chunk when I post.

But I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m posting fanfic on this website and not, like, Archive Of Our Own. First off, I’ve adapted it so it’s no longer fanfic. It was already an AU and already incredibly out of character, so all I needed to do was change the names. The fanfiction was an RPF (Real People Fiction) and regardless of where you sit on the morality of these stories (iffy at best) or the cringe levels (highest cringe available outside the White House) keep in mind I started when I was a teeny tiny child. Admittedly, I continued, and I take responsibility for that, but I was just working with what I had.

And then, as famous white men are so wont to do, one of the people I based this story on ended up allegedly doing some problematic shit. I’m not going to elaborate on what it was or who it was, I’m not naming names at all, but when you get into the story you will see that a character commits a wrong, and that wrong ended up being reflected in the real world literally weeks after I wrote it. In good conscious I could not let this story stand as it was and pulled it from its previous existence online. But I have worked so hard on this story for over a decade and I don’t want one asshole’s behaviour to invalidate all that work.

So it’s coming here, and it’s all going to be free, because I think it would be pretty skeevy to profit off of this story. Once a month, the last Saturday of every month I’ll post a chapter of Hypotheticals, the story of a lonely 1950’s bible salesman travelling on an empty road when he stops at a random Italian restaurant and meets a handsome chef that will change his life forever.

I hope you all enjoy as I’m so excited to bring you a new story! See you on the 29th!

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