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Hey I’m Daphne and this is my blog where my project Bad Town For A Pretty Face is unfolding. You guys can read along and support me with your views and maybe a few cups of coffee 🙂

Bad Town For A Pretty Face: Las Vegas is my first published original work and it’s totally free to read just the story. You can donate a little to show some support or spend a little to read bonus content and comment on each with the rest of the community. Take a look at my scheduling and pricing below and thank you so much for your support!

If you’d like to read my full book you can do so for free! It comes out chapter by chapter every other Saturday beginning June third, as does its sequel, Bad Town: New Orleans. Or you can click on the Get The Ebook tab to download the whole book for free.

If you’re willing to pay a little you’ll gain access to the chapter recaps that I release the day after the chapter comes out wherein I break down the latest chapters to give you guys an insight into what I was thinking, planning, doing when I was writing it. They’re fun little discussion posts for everyone to theorize and discuss on. That bundle includes access to bonus material: eight short stories and meta content written about the girls in the book. Both of these subscriptions are pinned posts on the top of my writing page. Be sure to check the calendar for a complete itinerary or follow me on Twitter to view any scheduling changes should they occur.

You can pay by several options including credit, Paypal and Apple Pay on either bonus content post or you can click hereThe cost is $1.25 for an eight month subscription (which is how long it takes to post the story) or ten dollars upfront (recommended) to view the Bad Town For A Pretty Face bonus content.

If you like you can subscribe in the lower left-hand corner to see when new posts are created. Thank you so much for any subscriptions you decide to make or cash you choose to donate, your support means the world to me!