Bad Town: New York Chapter Thirteen Recap

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Good morning, lovelies. How was your Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa in that order? Good I hope. Hope you got some good stuff. And I guess had a good time with your family but with the impeachment I’m gonna assume not so much. Take a rest from that! Read the latest chapter then come back to this recap!

We’re with Eyana! As I may have let on last recap. She wakes up like I do when I have a six a.m. shift, meaning she gets there eventually. Unlike myself she drinks caffeine so she isn’t unconscious until ten, which is lucky for the gang since they have shit to plan. Last chapter Astor was not at her best, all nervous and upset about having to potentially murder her best friend/former lover. But she’s had a good night’s sleep and has made her decision, as evidenced by how cool and collected she is now (well, for her). Tate is her friend, but she’s also responsible for this gang, including two nineteen year old girls now, so she’s going to take things over one way or another, whatever that involves doing to Tate. 

Eyana’s proud of Astor: more of that push and pull between the two I mentioned last time. She’s proud and confident and thinks Astor’s lucky enough to pull the gang through this. It’s really annoying me right now that I’m trying to think of the other Bad Town character who was supremely lucky. My brain is saying Aidy but she was wildly unlucky except for the time she got barely shot in the head. Maybe I’ll remember in the morning — I woke up at 4:30 for work today (side-note, work sucked. Why we opened at 7 a.m. on a Sunday just because it’s Christmas week befuddles me entirely.) Maybe someone in Miami? God this is killing me. WAIT! I had a bowl of cereal for dinner and remembered it was Drew, I just don’t think I ever mentioned it in text. She survived getting harpooned by half an inch, which is very lucky given my tendency towards melodrama — I could’ve gotten real angsty and just murdered her, but then where would her team be?

Lengthy tangent aside, Astor’s brave demeanor is what inspires Eyana to think they have a chance in this, which leads us to the diagram written on the wall. Is this low-key foreshadowing? Why would Astor write something top secret with permanent marker on a wall when she knows Tate is coming for them? Hmm. Tate knowing them so well worked to her advantage last chapter, but they know her too, and they know she won’t be in her office. She’ll be in the same spot she was when they hid out four years ago (holy shit, already!?), the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. Now I had always planned this spot for a final showdown given Astor’s name, but upon Googling I noticed the place is closed for renovations until 2020, which, uh oh. But then I just decided to make it work to my advantage so next chapter they’ll be fighting in a cool construction zone and I won’t even have to write other hotel guests. Win win!

And beneath the Waldorf-Astoria is an abandoned subway line called Track 61 that yes, is completely real. Google it! It’s very interesting even if I’ve never heard of it until I searched for abandoned subway lines and found that the stars fucking aligned and put one right beneath the Waldorf. I was going to have Tate run to one if it were nearby! But it’s also an impenetrable fortress that’s going to be very difficult for Astor and the gang to get into, so they’ve just gotta hope they’ll catch Tate in the presidential suite, where of course she’ll be. After extensive Googling I’ve decided that’s going to be lowercase but truly I’m still not sure.

The next part of the plan is the one that’s been the issue for really the entire story: moving about the city undetected. Tate’s had goons on them since the arson, so they run through a laundry list as to how to avoid them, including running through neighboring Connecticut or stealing a boat Mirabelle Bravo style and sailing in. Astor’s had a full night to think about it though, and the one thing about her that may be underestimated is how good she is at handing out orders. Because unlike Tate she never overlooks anyone, and she knows who’s good at what and how it’ll best serve the group. So if they have a master in disguise at hand they’re going to use her, and they’re going to use her on the weekend before Halloween. It’s all coming together now, kiddos! Motherfucking Halloween costumes, just in time for this to be posted on — checks calendar — December 29th!

But of course it’s not just Halloween costumes — that would be a waste of Wendy’s talent. It’s been put on the back burner the last few chapters, but for the grand finale of course we’ve got to go back to where the story started. So for the next stage of the plan they’re going to both wear the costumes and wear. . . each other? That’s weird. But they’re going to disguise themselves as each other to fool Tate and her guards. Eyana’s confident in this plan because she’s confident in Wendy and her skills, and gives us a little bit of hope during a dire ass few chapters by letting the readers know she’ll be absolutely joining the gang if everyone survives this shit. Not a huge surprise at this point, but look how far our dear Wendy’s come! From following the gang to getting kidnapped by them to shaky ground to helping build a crucial plan from the ground up. I don’t know if I’ve ever rooted so hard for one of the Bad Town girls.

The plan’s been sorted, and even if not everyone understands it they kinda have to get moving since the cops have Wendy’s car and are likely tracking them down at this very second. The gang’s stolen a new car (likely from one of the neighbors who are probably already pissed about Wendy’s unkempt lawn, R I P) and pack it with the shit they continue to lug around that I’m quickly realizing will have no actual use before the end of this story, plus a few of Wendy’s things and the painting she stole in the second chapter. No way was I letting that burn after all the work she went through to get it: like I said, I’m rooting for her. Oh yeah, they’re burning the house down. That sucks. It’s not like Wendy doesn’t have emotional ties to her own childhood home, but she’s in a delicate position now, the same that eventually every Bad Town criminal has momentarily found themselves in. Sometimes you can’t go home. Sometimes you’ve gone too far to turn back. This is the final sacrifice Wendy must make to join the line-up of powerful and legendary criminals, even if it’s not necessarily a willing one. She plays it off because she’s not the best with facing emotions head-on, and they all pile in the car and head out just in time.

They all head to a diner before the sun rises, just not the one Wendy (and low-key myself) recommended back in chapter four. In my mind it’s Hauppauge, which is a very good diner. Anyways they hit up the diner and have some montage training sessions, which is fun, then travel to a few places written very specifically for myself. The Spirit Halloween that used to be a JC Penney is not unfamiliar to the American audience, I’m sure, but I was thinking very specifically of the one around the corner from my former home. I’ve got a Bad Town gang traipsing all over my island, why not put them someplace familiar? They shop in the mall of my youth and don their costumes in the bathroom of a Macy’s I once worked at, then head to the city, ready to face their opponent.

I promise I won’t make the next chapter too wildly confusing what with everyone wearing two different disguises, though I warn that I had to take a lot of notes. But we’re approaching the end! Only two chapters left, or three if I have to break up the last one (I haven’t quite started yet) but I don’t think so. And then maybe. . . an epilogue? You’ll see. And I’ll see you guys in the new year for the next chapter recap!

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