Bad Town: New York Chapter Ten Recap

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Good morning, children. Welcome to our tenth chapter recap! Double digits already, where did the time go? We’re looking back at the happenings of the tenth chapter of Bad Town: New York. As always make sure you’ve read up before you scroll down or you’ll get spoilt!

We’re with Wynn McAfee! Just kidding, she’s dead. We’re with Wendy, who knows the name and the story thanks to criminal gossip, so we’re all on the same page with how bad this is. Tate can’t really avoid that and confesses to selling the military-grade weapons Wynn used to terrorize the New Orleans gang, because money, right? Yeah, no one likes that excuse. She’s not that beat up about it, explaining that it was no harm no foul, but of course it was only no harm no foul because Verene managed a victory and didn’t trace all that stuff back to her. She’s been busy after all — everyone including you readers knows it, save for Wendy, who’s unendingly jealous. 

Astor makes it very clear that this is beyond her worst nightmare, and in fact the worst outcome this little investigation could have had. We get a moment of almost backstory with Wendy being reminded of her mother occasionally losing her cool, but don’t worry, we’ll touch more on that in a few chapters. Also Tate is like a full psychopath because she really didn’t do anything to make sure Fia would be safe: she literally cared as much about a child’s safety as the woman attempting to murder her mother. Brienne’s the one to piece together another sinister layer of this: Fia is Pakistani, just like Tate, and doesn’t know anything about her mother except for the fact that she’s dangerous. How easy would it be to come in and fill that role? Swoop in like a hero and take everything from this ailing heiress? Admittedly, this is some real dastardly stuff I’m writing, especially since it’s not true. Seventeen years prior (yes, I did the math right and yes, little Fia is somehow already seventeen years old) Tate and Astor were serving overseas in the military together so it’s obvious she wasn’t pregnant. Now I’m definitely going to go into that military background a little bit more, but probably not too much so I’ll discuss it a little bit here: if you’re from America and especially New York and hearing about people who went off to serve in 2002, you probably understand that 9/11 had a hand there. Not to state the obvious, but that was a really fuck awful time for New York City that spurred a lot of enlistments. It’s easy to see Astor and Tate’s history all spelled out here.

Oh, and just to add a little salt to that wound, Tate’s also been screwing over her own city by forcing small business owners to pay for protection from Astor’s gang — protection they’re not getting, since Astor has no idea this is going on. An even better way to score a few bucks is to pay petty thieves to knock these places over and then raise the rates for ‘additional protection.’ In all the times Tate’s pulled this shit, this is the first time she’s hired Wendy, who ended up confusing the store owner since she was playing Eyana. And then she went after the hotel that wealthy shareholder had a stake in that she’d once tailed for a middleman who thought Astor was involved somehow, seeing as Tate was. He was dispatched ages ago, but once Tate figured out Wendy and the gang were working together she’d thought they’d caught on to her. It was just dumb luck though, dumb luck and a phenomenal amount of skill on Wendy’s behalf. She’s so proud and thrilled with herself, even at her darkest hour. This is the most danger she’s ever been in, and it’s awful but still really cool to see the stakes raise for her. She’s really coming into her own as a criminal.

So Tate knew where they were and had them followed the whole time. She destroyed their home in a fit of paranoia. Betrayed them, betrayed her best friend and supposed partner, all for greed. The gang is not fucking happy, and when they start to show it Tate starts to reveal her nerves. She wants to talk to them in her office, but neither party can settle on terms: Brienne is uncharacteristically harsh in demanding Wendy’s release, but Tate obviously doesn’t want to relinquish a hostage and wants to bring a few guards back to her office. Now I personally don’t think she would harm anyone in there — those guards would mostly be for her own protection — but I bet if they all met up at that moment it would’ve been a blood bath one way or another. 

Tate’s the one who eventually bends: she knows there’s no getting through to Astor right now, as hot-headed as she can be, plus she’s sufficiently wary of Wendy now. She lets her go, and her phone dies because the only way she and Astor are going to stop yelling at each other today are by force. Her final message to Astor via Wendy: don’t bother with Monet. She’s not sure what that means, and you guys won’t either until the next chapter, but when she gets back to her car and delivers the message at the end of a very long day we all finally understand how bad the situation is. It’s a pretty dark climax with a lot of foreboding, so that’s pretty nuts. And unbelievably I plan to wrap this up in five chapters! That’s wild, how am I gonna do that? We’ll figure something out. Until then we’re on a pretty major cliffhanger so be sure to come back for chapter eleven where we’ll have exposition galore! See you then!

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