Cutting Back On Bonus Content

So, thinking about it, I write a lot.

I mean, a lot a lot. like, each of the Bad Town Stories are at least 60 thousand words. The chapter recaps are between one and two thousand words bi-weekly. The monthly bonus content can range from two to nine thousand words a month. That’s uh, that’s around 132 thousand words per tale! And that’s not even over the course of a year, that’s eight or nine months! And and that’s balancing working full-time and trying to write a whole ‘nother novel!

So. I’m gonna cut back on the monthly bonus content. You may have seen that the month of June was lacking in that department: I literally could not get something written up in time. I was just so busy and I physically cannot devote any more time to writing this stuff. And the more I look at it, the more I feel like I was only doing monthly stuff because it was nicely scheduled. In reality I’m writing some filler-type stuff trying to get my quota taken care of, which I hate. Why should I write more just to write more crap?

The important stuff will remain. X Women X Albums; Founding Mothers; Occasional revisits to the old towns. But it’s not going up every month and it won’t be constant. July and August are covered (stay tuned!) but IDK about anything else. You can and should check the calendar, because I think I’m going to drop them at random at probably half the rate I once did.

I’m not changing my prices. $1.25 a month? That’s underselling myself. I knew that when I started this site, but I really just wanted people to actually buy my stuff. Y’all don’t know who I am, I’m not a household name! I gotsta do what I gotsta do! So maybe the price is a little better for my worth now. And the schedule will be a little better for me in terms of time and in terms of not hating the idea of opening a fresh document.

As always thanks so much for your continued support. Keep tuning in for the regular content and the cream of the crop bonus stuff. And of course remember our Miami epilogue drops next week! I’ll see y’all then!

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