Some Updates On Pricing

I’ve decided to change up the way I distribute the content on my site in a way that I feel will be a lot better. Let me take you guys through the how and why:

So previously you all had to pay to read the Bad Town For A Pretty Face series, then pay additional cash for the chapter recaps (posted the day after every chapter posted to give you guys insight into the writing process) and the bonus content (short stories, meta, etc. that’s posted monthly). However I am now doing away with paying for the series: Bad Town Las Vegas and its upcoming sequel (the details of which are yet to be unveiled, but I’m stoked to share it with you guys!) are totally free to read.

This is a big move, I get that, but at the end of the day I believe I want the exposure of many people reading my content for free rather than a smaller group paying for it. My tip jar will be available as always and honestly, I might be pointing at it a little bit more in the future; I hate doing that sort of thing so I’ll never be obnoxious, and I don’t believe any of you owe me just because you like my content, but any support is always so so appreciated.

For now, let me point y’all in the right direction. First off, if you want to start reading Bad Town, here’s chapter one. You can take a look at the calendar to check when I’ll be updating, which is every other saturday, or follow me on Twitter where I’ll certainly be letting you all know. Second, if you’re interested in the chapter recaps and bonus content you can subscribe to view them on their posts or take a look at the pricing on the Home Page. And of course you can buy me a cup of coffee.

I’m nothing but grateful for everyone’s support, and don’t ever forget that support isn’t just monetary! I appreciate every view, every share and every comment. Now let’s get hyped because we can all read and talk together!

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