Bad Town: New York Chapter Seven Recap

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Good morning my little ones, today we’re looking back at lucky chapter seven! This one was a lot. So make sure you’re all caught up before you scroll on down or you’ll be hit with a few spoilers!

We’re with Eyana in the back of Wendy’s Scion, wary of this (note: this is where I stopped and checked Twitter the first time in this document. Fifty words. I am a madman.) mysterious stranger. She’s still pissed given she was Wendy’s first victim, and she definitely views her as a danger to them all, but logic is telling her this girl probably didn’t burn down their apartment and has to be, at most, a pawn. Eyana is a very fair and civil woman, but that doesn’t mean there’s a ton of forgiveness here: rather, she’s quick to protect herself and her team while keeping this stranger at arm’s length. But it’s clear she won’t be doing anything rash about it — for her angry reputation her fairness gives her a level head.

Astor decides that she and Cleo will speak to Tate while Eyana watches over the car, the hostage (is she a hostage if they’re not ransoming her?) and Brienne, who is completely out of it after staying up all night (Astor’s Momma Bear Mode™ is briefly activated). Eyana further decides what with Astor making some insane parking decisions everyone was going to duck their heads to avoid the fury of the NYPD. Now Astor is pulling up to Atlas, the statue in front of 30 Rockerfeller Center. You’ll be familiar with it if you’ve seen the show 30 Rock or literally any picture of New York at Christmas. They don’t put a hat on him (boo) they just put out lit up angels and we all have to ignore the missed opportunity.

When Astor and Cleo hop out of the terribly parked vehicle we finally get to meet Tate! Is she what y’all expected? Well dressed, clearly very powerful, and openly concerned. She’s worried about Astor getting followed around as Eyana finally gets to pull her gun on Wendy without accidentally shooting anyone in a jostling car. The theory Astor and Cleo bring up with Tate is simple: someone is tracking them somehow, and it doesn’t appear to be through their phones so it might be through information on Tate’s computer. From the car Eyana suggests that maybe they’re following Wendy, which is also a valid point. But do y’all think someone’s following Wendy when we’ve found her to be so capable? 

Tate seems surprised — most people don’t know that Astor operates under a boss, which is easy to get since why would she? She’s a powerful gang leader: Mirabelle and Feb never had a big boss. Wendy’s just figuring this out, along with you guys as some mystery to this character is revealed. Eyana’s a big ole meanie for a second there, but has a moment when her fairness returns and she realizes she’s being a little harsh with the girl. It’s not her fault Eyana’s in a less than stellar situation, and in her fairness she deals with it accordingly. But then the conversation turns, slowly but surely. Tate doesn’t want them to access her computer, and though she’s calm and rational at first things soon seem tense and awkward. She’s making a bunch of excuses and trying to seem nice and helpful, but Astor’s all stiff and annoyed and you have to wonder what on earth is going on.

In the heat of the moment an argument breaks out, in which Astor releases the signal to bring out Wendy and explain some of what’s been happening. But Eyana makes an executive decision and keeps everyone still and silent in the car — she’s the fair one after all, and she knows if they bring this girl out she’s going to take the blame for everything, and maybe get slaughtered before she can get too defensive. Which means that Eyana is now viewing Tate as a suspicious character in all this. Just a hint here — y’all should too. When all is said and done Tate offers to investigate all of this for them, and advises them to get a few hotel rooms to hide out in. Astor okays it, but they leave on odd terms, and in the car everyone’s angry and confused. Wendy wonders why the group would need a secret boss, but Astor reveals that she and Tate have known each other for a long time and felt this was the better way to do business. But right now it doesn’t look that way, does it? No, it just looks more and more suspicious. What are your early guesses? There’s a lot that might be happening here.

Outside the drama with Tate, Eyana and Wendy have their little breakthrough, which they badly needed since Wendy is not Eyana’s fave right now. They always had the most difficulty since Wendy happened to impersonate her first: I like to think it would have been easiest for her to perform because if she got stage fright she could just yell a lot and wouldn’t have to meet anyone’s eye. But Eyana saved her ass back there and Wendy’s grateful enough to call her a guardian angel, which is what I was trying to do with the character, though not too overtly. They’re not automatically peachy-keen, but you can tell Eyana’s a little more at ease.

The gang ends up at a gas station, the ideal location for uncertain times. Astor gives a few orders and disappears into the convenience store whilst everyone else fulfills them. Eyana watches Brienne and Wendy carefully, thinking on their age, both nineteen. I feel like I don’t even have to mention at this point that was Celeste’s age when she passed, but still. It’s really, really young. Even writing Bad Town: Las Vegas at 21 I thought 19 was young. Now I’m writing New York at 24 thinking they’re both babies. But obviously this is meant to convey both their youth and the danger they’re in, how mortal they are. It’s even more notable when Astor returns with food, drinks, and a boatload of cash from the ATM. That cash came from Tate’s credit card, which she decides to throw in the trash, and everyone quietly understands: their backing, their friend, their boss, their safety, their shelter is gone. They’re on their own now.

Astor ends the chapter vowing to ‘fix this,’ a dark and possibly violent declaration. She’s suspicious of an old friend, which is a hard position to be in, and she answers most of her emotions with rage tenfold. So we can tell things are about to get tricky. Stay tuned, because there’s certainly a lot more drama on the way.

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