Bad Town Fo(u)r A Pretty Face

Aaaaaand that’s the last time I’ll use that pun.

Yes, Bad Town Four is on its way. Is this a surprise? Or are we used to having Bad Towns around? I’m coming in not treating it as a huge shock, seeing as the epilogue to Bad Town: New Orleans showed off Riley’s plans to seek revenge on Neve. That’s already enough to keep the series going, but the upcoming ending for Bad Town: Miami also teases some stuff. Of course I won’t say what just yet, but it’ll be clear for everyone that there’s more to come!

So I’m sure you’re wondering what our next tale in the Bad Town For A Pretty Face series is about, plus where it’s set. Well this is a blog so sit down for five paragraphs about my grandpa’s farm life. It was 1924 when SIKE this ain’t a foodie blog! There are no mash potatoes below! The next Bad Town story will be taking place. . . in. . .

New York!

I bet that food blog themed fake-out didn’t work because your eyes jumped down to the next paragraph. Oh well. We’re going home, back to the place where I was born and lived 23 years. 23 years! I’m old! And I currently live in Toledo because NY rent is damn expensive. If you’re looking for a bitter note in our next tale don’t worry, you’ll find it!

But let me give you a quick rundown of the plot. Drop a little selling point. Share some deets. Spill the tea. I’m so sorry.

A petty thief is inspired by the devilish antics of the similar-looking Shay and Drew in Miami, enough to become a copycat committing robberies as her favorite New York criminals — much to the chagrin of the real deal and the secret enemy pursuing them.

A new conwoman, a New York gang, and a big baddie for the ages. I am so looking forward to sharing this story with you guys! Keep a weather eye on the horizon, our first chapter launches July thirteenth, so stick around!

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