Bad Town Miami Chapter Sixteen Recap

Good morning sweet babies. Mmm, sounds like some sort of breakfast pastry. Comment below what filling you like in your sweet baby for brunch. We’re taking a look back at chapter sixteen today, so make sure you’re all caught up before you scroll down, or you’ll be hit with a few spoilers!

Finally, we’re back to Shay! Oh fuck wait no we’re not. I really thought sixteen was Shay’s chapter until I opened it up. Okay, change of plan, we’re with Mirabelle! For the last time in the story. There’s a moment of confusion since her gang and the trio are pulling the same heist at the same time, but she moves past it to warn off the police and talk down Drew and Inez, who are concerned after they spot someone who looks eerily similar to Elvira (read: Elvira) below decks. A decision is made: Drew will keep police from storming the loading deck while Mirabelle and Inez meet at the casino to figure out how to get Solana out of the bridge so they can take back the ship. Drew asks, and doesn’t ask, if she should be heading to the boiler room to ‘take care’ of Candy, but Mirabelle’s quick to say no. The first sympathetic moment from her of the chapter!

She heads down to the casino, where she can take cover behind machines and where local scene girl Elvira Machado would be easy to spot, but only due to coloring since she has plenty cover too. There’s some reflection as she waits for Inez, mainly thinking that maybe she’s a little soft because 1. she doesn’t want to murder the trio and 2. she’s quite impressed by them. Inez is anxious and miserable, like she knows how all this has to go for her team to win: first, they have to depose Solana. They’re not so sure how to do that since she has a stronghold in the bridge, and if they try a plan that involves putting out the Kidnapped Shay Storyline they have to deal with the fact that Inez wouldn’t be able to communicate that whilst under enemy fire. Mirabelle doesn’t like that idea, so as they’re besieged by guards they make the not so great decision to throw someone overboard. Yes, that is stupid, but that’s where Mirabelle is since she’s in a corner and doesn’t want to shoot her way out.

Inez knows Candy would be the easiest to overpower, but Mirabelle clearly doesn’t want to deal with all that drama and they decide to go for Solana, which again, terrible idea. But before they can execute that idiocy they run into Elvira, who takes cover behind a bar until she hears that her enemies are going after her girlfriend. She yells “LIKE HELL” and runs after them shooting and screaming various swear words, and they fucking bolt. If I picture it in my head it’s absolutely ridiculous, which is what’s happening a lot now as the calamity rises. The stakes are high, but also all someone has to do is reach a hand out and offer partnership, and when spite stops a character from doing something so simple insanity must pursue. 

They run a long way until they reach a dead end, and though both Mirabelle and Inez turn to look at Elvira before she guns them down Inez doesn’t lift her weapon. And when Elvira realizes there’s no more chasing, no more cover, it’s just time to look her foes in the eye and kill them, she turns and runs. Mirabelle’s confused for a moment, but Inez senses that she’s going to warn/aid Solana. There’s a ‘what now’ moment before Drew gets back in touch with the boss to let her know the situation downstairs is — how shall I say — fucked. There’s too many cops and too many civilians, and she doesn’t have enough manpower since Shay isn’t around. She’s in danger but still willing to do the job, but Mirabelle tells her to fuck off with that and instead asks her to meet her and Inez on the top deck. It’s a risk, seeing as the police have direct access to a ship Solana can’t seem to move, but she clearly wants her team out of danger. Drew asks how they’ll convince Solana to get out of the bridge, which is telling because she didn’t consider the clear and obvious brutal murder option. Mirabelle was avoiding it this whole chapter, but Drew’s endangerment seemed to clinch things and push for a little plan-rearranging. She’s a little sharp when she implies said brutal murder, but we know her well enough by now to see that that’s the mood she gets into when she’s stressed and at the end of her rope.

Her hands are shaky and her head aches when she mirrors Solana’s sentiments from the last chapter, that they were doomed from the start. If they’d just made amends instead of setting up a ridiculous competition they wouldn’t be aboard a stand-still cruise ship swarming with cops forced to harm Shay’s girlfriend and all of her friends. They doomed themselves, and she and Inez have probably the most profound moment in the chapter where Mirabelle admits to feeling evil — Inez calls that unhappiness and admits it’s not unfamiliar. She asks her if she really wants to eliminate her greatest competition, an appeal to Mirabelle’s slightly insane side, and Mirabelle finds some awful humor in it, but she’s pushed too far to stop now and she can finally see that now. So they head up to the deck to kill Solana and Elvira.

When they meet up with Drew Mira tells them all to rush the room and open fire, and though all three of them are so obviously wrecked emotionally they all follow orders and rush in — just in time to spot Candy, who wasn’t supposed to be here. Drew and Inez both fire, but Mirabelle interprets the shots as purposefully high, which is interesting. Do y’all think they disobeyed leadership to save the girls who likely would have killed them for firing their way? Or did panic cause some difficulty with their aim and Mira’s just paranoid? I’ll leave it to you kiddos to decide. At any rate the shooting stops and Drew tries to sit down again (callback! The more I think about it the more I love that moment. It just felt like something that needed to be written) though Mirabelle pulls her up. She’s all business for a minute, an easy distraction from the mess they’ve gotten themselves in, though it doesn’t last long when Candy asks where her girlfriend is. 

Time for one of my favorite tropes! The one where everyone’s looking awkwardly at each other like ‘errrrrr. . .’ and someone eventually goes “Who’s gonna tell her?” which Inez does. Mirabelle puts on her big girl pants to admit she kidnapped Shay and even has the grace to feel sheepish, which is obviously not her usual style but neither is kidnapping her friends. She also admits it was wrong, and Candy borrows the big girl pants to temporarily excuse it so they can focus on their current issue. Love has made her a more thoughtful and merciful woman, and that inspired Mirabelle to take charge in a better way than she has this entire story. OG Mirabelle Bravo assigns Inez to steering the ship out of the dock and tells the other team that there’s no way out of this other than working together. Everyone stares at her like this hasn’t been coming for sixteen chapters, until Elvira gives her the exact sort of wicked grin required for any Bad Town scheme.

And that’s the chapter! We have two left, holy crap. And we’ve finally reached the point I’ve been waiting to write this whole story, where everyone is forced to forgo their differences and team up. Hopefully the journey has been exciting and you’re all looking forward to everything to come. I’ll see you all for chapter seventeen! Which I guess I’ve already revealed is Shay’s chapter. Stick around!

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