Bad Town: Miami Chapter Ten Recap

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Hello my children! It’s time for our tenth recap! We’re going to have a little looksie back at the tenth chapter of Bad Town: Miami and talk about all the writing efforts and whatnot that went in. As ALWAYS please make sure you’ve read our latest chapter before you scroll down or you’ll be hit with a few spoilers!

We’re with Candy! I think you can tell by the fact that we’re with someone thinking of Shay. She’s catching y’all up on the last chapter since we’re picking up right where we left off but with a new POV. Last time around Inez may have hurt Shay, may have betrayed her team, then may have died, so I’m sure everyone immediately wants to know what happened there. Well too bad! Candy’s trapped by Drew and Mirabelle, who’ve noticed she’s been separated from her pack and are singling her out (I can’t believe that’s how you spell singling. I Googled it and everything). And just as Candy is really starting to get in a bind she glances over to where she last saw Shay — and lo and behold! She’s crawling out a window, safe and sound.

It’s not going great down on the ground though. Mirabelle demands that Drew take Candy hostage, and for a moment writing it I thought it would be an awesome fight until I remembered that Drew is high and Candy just got shot in the leg. There’s a small slap fight that stalls for time as Shay runs their way (on top of buildings, of course, what a show-off) and when Candy gets grabbed she’s pretty sure she’s going to die. It’s weird for her, because instead of pitching a fight like Classic Candy™ would have done she only gets soppy wondering if Shay betrayed her and thinking about all she’s learned about Mirabelle’s crew to the point of sympathizing for them — or, even freakier, actually liking them. But Mirabelle puts her gun to her head and says “enough” and it’s clear that she’s done with all of this. And Candy understands perfectly that she’s out of time.

But hark, bitch! Shay’s sliding down a flagpole and running their way! I found it a little bit hilarious that all of this drama is going on as absolutely nobody notices Shay’s sick parkour in the background. At any rate, Shay runs down and screams “Candy!” at the top of her lungs, out of breath and desperate, and Mirabelle goes “How do you know her name?” and everything just stops. Let me just say, planning out this chapter was so easy, guys. This and the previous were such a breeze to write (nine took two days[!] and ten took six, although I remember being distinctly lazy around the time of this chapter coming to life) because I had them both so succinctly mapped out and knew exactly what I wanted to do. Know that the rest of this chapter was culminating for months, guys, I seriously knew the whole series of events happening here for ages.

And the first in this series: the big reveal! What we’ve all been waiting for! There was never a question as to how I was going to do this, I always knew someone was going to shout for the other whilst they were in danger and it was going to be a “wait, what?” situation. This whole thing of not knowing each other’s names has finally paid off! And I bet you guys just thought it was comedic effect. Shay tells Drew and Mirabelle the truth (“we’re dating” is a simple enough way to put it) and there’s a moment of incredible, holy fuck type of silence before Elvira and Solana charge in wielding a knife and a pry bar respectively. They’re ready for the kill, but once they get to the rest of the group and aren’t immediately embroiled in a fight they stop awkwardly and ask everyone what’s going on. Shay repeats herself, and they get to be in on the shock, too. Before I jump to the next plot point, can I just point out that that was the first time I referred to both teams standing together as one group!? That’s fun.

ANYWAYS Candy has to get immediately soppy and angsty, which is increasingly becoming Her Thing, asking Shay how Inez found her. Shay insists it wasn’t betrayal, and Drew backs her up in a relative haze of shock, and she tells her she would never reveal her to Inez. Mirabelle breaks out of a mini-coma to go ‘uh, say what now?’ And Drew fakes some shock at Shay being gay — you can tell this is a routine that would normally involve a lot of ‘THIS IS WHO I AM, MOM’ and an assortment of other very gay remarks. Bonus points if Shay’s got a date awkwardly standing to the side observing the faux melodrama (and she sort of does right now). Even though Candy asks Shay why she didn’t warn her about the attack, already knowing that she couldn’t, it’s clear the two are still on good terms, still adorable, and still very much into each other. Candy takes one step towards her, and Shay runs in for the dramatic hug, one of my very favorite tropes. 

Drew’s overwhelmed and sits down, then Candy sits down out of necessity, and Shay sits down next to her girlfriend. Mirabelle paces around as she realizes fully what the hell is going on, and she’s starting to get pissed. Shay is super dismissive for a change, tells her to check on Inez, and she finally does so. So is Inez dead? No! She’s standing in the doorway to the café, bloody, bruised, drinking an espresso and giving Elvira the finger.  Look, she had to do it at some point. Elvira calls it fair and sits down, Solana in tow, and Inez begins some aggressive signing that isn’t translated because we’re in Candy’s POV and she’s not fluent in ASL. From there things get a little chaotic in the dialogue because everyone’s confused/arguing/dumping out Elvira’s flasks only to find strawberry Nesquik. There’s like — God, there’s like so much to sift through in this dialogue. So much, in fact, that I’m going into brief listicle to get through it, though unlike listicles you’re used to there will be no Glee gifs or passably relatable side-lines squeeing about the content. Here we go:

  1. Shay’s pissed at Inez because Inez trapped her in that building on purpose. There’s a lot more to that, like, freaking layers to that, but we’ll get into that either chapter eleven or twelve (I can’t remember — whoops!).
  2. Inez is surprised when Shay calls her a dumbass, and here’s a micro opportunity for some angst! All of the girls look to her as their resident genius, but do you guys wonder if maybe due to her disability some harsh bastards have looked down on her and underestimated her intelligence before? Sucks!
  3. Now Mirabelle’s pissed at Inez for knowing this whole time and not saying anything (again, chapter eleven or maybe twelve but I don’t think thirteen should cover this).
  4. Drew and Solana, despite their animosity, agree it’s been nothing personal so far, though Mirabelle is screeching otherwise. Even though she’s busy being mad at her own team let’s not forget how much she hates the other group.
  5. Yes, the song Shay was humming when she and Candy went to the warehouse was Aaron Carter’s I Want Candy. A bop for the ages.
  6. Elvira: “Not like we can talk.” Candy: “Wait, what?”

So they all agree that the relationship is stupid and risky and endangered all of them and now it continues to do so because Mirabelle tells Shay to say goodbye to her girlfriend. Maybe if you’re unsure of how violent/aggressive/dramatic Mirabelle can be you’re a little worried for Candy’s safety, but I always knew there’d be a moment like this. Some tough talk but at the end Mirabelle really does love her kids and doesn’t have the nerve to murder a girl Shay’s into right in front of her. You be the judge as to whether that’s for Shay or a sign of her humanity beneath. Then she tries to kick Shay off the team, but Shay points out that she’d be lost without her and refuses to go. Candy and her girls are on the same page, and it looks like we’re at a crossroads.

Inez is the one to pull Mirabelle aside and have a word with her on what to do next. Of course she is, being the group’s thinker: one might suppose though, after hearing her suggestion, that she’s come up with something meant to pacify Mirabelle as opposed to really solving the issue. If we really wanted everything fixed we’d spend the rest of the book at a lengthy therapy session, but instead Inez suggests a competition, Mirabelle’s favorite activity in the world. A competition to commit a good ol’ fashioned heist as we haven’t seen since the Commodus Casino was unsuccessfully robbed by the Las Vegas gang. Mirabelle graciously allows the other team to pick a target for them to steal and says that whomever gets it first is allowed to stay in Miami. The losers — save the lovebird — are banished forever, a kinder punishment than the death she’d like to give them all. Told you it was gracious.

No one disagrees because no one sees any better options. It’s Elvira that gets to choose the target, Elvira the daughter of a luchador-turned-bodyguard, Elvira named for a gothic TV character titled Mistress of the Dark. She picks a fucking cruise ship and Mirabelle shakes on it. I’m just gonna Timmy Turner this right now and say, hey, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

There was some debate in my mind at the very beginning of the writing process as to what they were going to steal. After I got my shit together and told myself hey dick, it needs to be something related to Miami, a cruise ship seemed the obvious choice as more depart from this city than any other in the world. In fact, if you the reader have ever been to Miami I’m willing to bet taking a cruise was the reason — if not then maybe you’re like me and your parents took you on an Everglades tour when you were like, way too young to get on an airboat and chill with eight foot alligators. Obviously though, a lot of people man a cruise ship, so just that tells you it’s going to be a challenge. And there’s Drew’s injury to consider, and Solana’s, and now Candy’s as well. Plus all the drama brewing between everyone! That’s my official warning, that big time drama is on its way.

There’s not too much to add from there. It’s always hard to point out when people are being cute or when banter’s happening in these recaps, it feels like a waste of words, but overall it was nice to finally write Shay and Candy as an open couple, sitting together and casually wrapping their arms around each other like they have a chance to breathe for a sec. Really just a sec though. Inez tells the girls to get to Solana’s car, and they run off with Solana swearing behind them. Shay and Candy part with a casual ‘bye, babe!’ and we feel a little calm from them, but still some foreboding from all the challenges ahead and all the damage they’re standing in. That’s generally what we want from a story’s climax, right? So stick around, kiddos, because the story’s only getting crazier from here.

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