Bad Town: Miami Chapter Eight Recap

A look back at the eighth chapter of Bad Town For A Pretty Face: Miami. Click through for pricing details!

Good morning babies, it’s time for a quick recap for the eighth chapter of Bad Town For A Pretty Face: Miami! I say quick but these things keep getting longer and longer — remember in the good ol’ days of Las Vegas when I threw 800 words on the page and moved on? Now I have like 1,400 a week. Regardless, make sure you’re caught up before you scroll down or you’ll be hit with spoilers!

We’re with Elvira! Have we been with her before? Hang on, let me check. . . No, we haven’t! Chapter eight is unusual for new POVs in this series, but as I’ve mentioned before this particular Bad Town is more focused on Shay and Candy rather than the whole group. And we’ll see everybody else more as time goes on, don’t worry. But yeah, we’re with Elvira, and it’s nice to get a look inside her head because she tends to be a callous and mysterious character (this chapter, finally hearing things from her perspective, we learn that she’s just Like That). We start light; Elvira’s grateful for her vacation, Solana’s shocked and pissed that Drew’s still alive, Candy knows she’ll eventually have to restrain her when she tries to get back to life before it’s ready for her. Life goes on, but it goes on with Candy constantly on her phone. Elvira and Solana don’t know who’s on the other end of those texts, but we do! But they don’t exactly buy it when Candy lies and says she’s texting her mom either.

They don’t confront her, though, they discuss it in private, where Elvira’s incredulous at Candy’s obliviousness. She walked into a room while they were curled up in bed and didn’t even notice! She’s obviously distracted, but Solana says she’s still doing her job and there’s no need for a confrontation. And she even reminds Elvira that this conversation had been the other way ‘round last time. Elvira’s more suspicious now though, feeling like there was a catalyst to this odd behavior that she and Solana must have missed (dead on, El). Solana’s on some shaky emotional ground, even if she’s too tough to say anything. She did almost die, after all, and now she’s cooped up in her apartment healing from a gruesome injury, bored out of her mind and starved for work and revenge, but for now she’s stuck doing planning in her living room, where she and Elvira are busy throwing rice and cursing each other out in Spanish, which I thought was a cute and fun bit to lighten the mood up a little.

Solana’s still planning though, and currently she plans to take the fight to Mirabelle while Drew, heart of the team and their best shot, is down and out. Torch warehouses, kill contacts, whatever it takes to piss Mirabelle off, weaken her budding empire, and maybe even seek a confrontation that could take her out. Candy isn’t behind that idea though, and suggests the opposite — keeping their heads down and hiding out for as long as possible. Obviously Candy has knowledge they don’t, that Mirabelle is out for blood, but she frames it as intuition and tells them frankly that they need to worry about defending themselves. Elvira isn’t so hot for that plan, and just thinks it’s out of character — wouldn’t Candy want to start shit even if she did think Mirabelle wanted the same? She of course isn’t aware of her fondness for a certain liaison. 

Solana goes along with it, and the next night crawls in bed next to Elvira, who gets the sense they’re about to talk about feelings. Oh no! Elvira thinks. Oh yes! Readers cry. Elvira isn’t in love with that, but pushes forward for Solana’s sake and tells her not to worry, they’re not going to let her get hurt again, that she’s strong and capable and can handle herself. For all their bickering and all of Elvira’s attitude, she does actually have mountains of love and respect for Solana, and quickly finds Solana feels the same for her. In fact, Solana’s worried she’s a little too interested in Elvira, and she thinks it’s the reason they’re not keeping the best track of Candy and her moods right now. She admits she was thinking of our favorite pile of hair the day she was shot, on what was almost her last moment on Earth. After the shock subsides Elvira curls up against Solana’s side and asks her if this is why she’s taking a break instead of fighting back like she’d first planned, if she’s deciding whether or not to take the relationship to the next level. Solana doesn’t need to think about it though, she’s just in shock. And she figures they need to tell Candy about this, but after their joint staycation is over (imagine the awkwardness!). Elvira agrees, and they do some cutesy bickering before curling up and falling asleep together. Their relationship is probably the most fanfic-y thing in the series. Published writers for the book and screen never give us enough secret dating or bickering couple tropes in my humble opinion.

Solana beams at Elvira for the two days it takes to prepare them to go into hiding, during which time they get some interesting news from the criminal world and the world at large: one, that Teonnie is wearing purple again (spoiler: this is not the last time you’ll be hearing about this) and two, a Florida Man hoarded a bunch of snakes in a yacht. You think I wouldn’t include Florida Man in a Florida-set story? Think again! Florida Man continues to be one of the best memes out there, no I will not be taking questions. Candy’s face is in her phone so she doesn’t really hear/care, but that phone’s not in her face when they all go to her place for a change in scenery, and that’s a good thing because they’d all be dead otherwise. She spots a trip wire and grabs it just before the whole house blows, then quietly hooks it back up, closes the door, and walks the girls back to Elvira’s car (like the detail about the bloodstain? I do. A terrible reminder of what Solana went through for all of them now stuck in Elvira’s much beloved [by some] car). What, did you think this chapter was going to be drama free? Hell no!

They’re all scared shitless, worried that Mirabelle and Co. are like, hiding in the bushes or some shit, but after a moment Elvira summons a brief spot of courage and Solana gains the same. They get their wits about them and decide that Mirabelle will stick out in this neighborhood: Candy’s lived there long enough to know it well, Little Haiti is obviously a predominantly black area and everyone but Candy and Inez is Hispanic, and they have a freaking highlighter yellow car. Maybe for a second we’re worried there may be an ignition bomb at play (RIP Celeste) but the car sputters to life as it usually does and Elvira gets out of there to a more business-oriented area. Candy looks around to see if they’re hiding anywhere, and finds them quickly when Solana’s former ride speeds into the intersection and blocks their path. Elvira tries to back out of there (three! point! turn!) But a shot’s fired through her windshield and almost hits a still-recovering Solana. Mirabelle steps out of the car, angry and already triumphant, and says good morning, and then goodbye.

Oh shit! Now we all know there’s going to be drama next chapter. It looks like Inez’ plan has finally come to fruition, but what is it? How did she find them? You’ll have to come back soon and find out! Holy shit hope no one dies! Ha ha! Okay, see y’all later!

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