Let’s Talk About Bad Town: New Orleans

Yes guys, the sequel is coming faster than you’d believe. Let’s get into the nitty gritty.

So first of all, good morning everyone. I’m writing this sitting in bed after a light dusting of snow, feeling super festive and winter-friendly. There may be some hot chocolate in my future, but there will without a doubt be more Bad Town. Bad Town: Las Vegas wraps up January 27th, which seems kinda far-off but in reality is right there. I’m sure we’re all preoccupied with holiday preparations so time is definitely gonna fly by and soon Las Vegas will be in our rear-view mirrors.

If you missed it, I recently posted the reveal for Bad Town: New Orleans on both Insta and Tumblr and may I just say, I am so fucking pumped. I’m really happy with this story, it came together exactly as I pictured and I adore every element of it from the plot to the characters to the city itself. I’m so proud to share Bad Town For A Pretty Face: New Orleans with you guys starting February tenth, 2018! So yes, the normal wait time you have between chapters is what you’re dealing with here — maybe not the most time to recover from Las Vegas, but I’m just so thrilled to rush back into this world of girl gang misadventures.

If you’re curious about details, yes, this is a whole new cast of characters. Same world, new girls, and boy do I like this batch. We’ve got more gorgeous names that I can’t wait to talk about (although there’s never going to be one quite like February) and new personalities to fall in love with. We get to see New Orleans and all its charms as we follow our new band of criminals. The story centers around a surprise gift for the leader of this gang: her trophy husband, recently more trouble than he’s worth, is neatly squared away with a bullet to the head. The only problem is that this supposed birthday gift didn’t come from any of her girls . . . so who murdered our leader’s boy toy, and to what end?

Hopefully you guys are getting as hyped as I am because this is definitely gonna be the highlight of 2018. Of course there’ll be more reminders and more info in the roughly two months we have to go, though y’all should probably check my Twitter because I think that’s where I’ll be the most informative. And don’t forget this Saturday we’ve got our next Bad Town: Las Vegas chapter! Chapter fifteen, wherein Sorrel continues her hunt for Aidy, how exciting! So see you kids in a few days!

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